NBSC Freshwater Senior Campus

The senior campus of the Northern Beaches Secondary College

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School Email

All DOE students are provided with an email address which can be accessed through the DOE student portal. The account is available 24 hours after enrollment. 

If you were previously at a public school, your email address and password should be the same as the one you had in Year 10.  

If you were previously at a private school, we will issue your email address and password in the first weeks of Term 1.  

You will be told what your email is and how to access it during the 'Getting Connected' session, in Term 1. 

We recommend that you forward this email address to a preferred email address to make it easier to check.

This email address will be used for all official correspondence and will be how your teacher will contact you if they need to, so make sure you take time to check this account. This is also the account that Board of Studies information will be sent to.

Your email address looks like: