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In Stage 6 Chemistry, students explore the chemical properties of substances, chemical reactions and processes, and the interaction of energy and matter. Chemistry attempts to explain and predict events at the atomic and molecular level.

During the course, students will work both as individuals and as members of teams. Group work involves investigations which are used to develop the key competencies of planning and organising activities and working with others.

The course modules are as follows:

Year 11

Module 1:  Properties and structure of matter

Module 2:  Introduction to quantitative chemistry

Module 3:  Reactive chemistry

Module 4:  Drivers of reactions


Year 12

Module 5:  Equilibrium and acid reactions

Module 6:  Acid/Base reactions

Module 7:  Organic chemistry

Module 8:  Applying chemical ideas

Students are encouraged and supported to use technology as they research current issues and new developments in Chemistry and its implication for our society. We encourage our students to be lifelong learners. For more information click here.