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Society and Culture

Society and culture is a conceptually based course with a cross-disciplinary focus, drawing on anthropology, cultural and media studies and sociology.

The study of society & culture aims to develop student's awareness of social and cultural changes and continuities and the interactions of persons in different societies and environments over time.

HSC requirements for this course involve the completion of a Personal Interest Project. This major work must be completing during the HSC course and represents 40% of student's total external HSC mark.

Students are provided with assistance throughout their senior studies to develop research skills required by this course. However, completion of this course requires students to be independent learners and develop effective time management skills in order to conduct cross cultural primary and secondary research.

The Preliminary course focuses on developing understanding of key socio-cultural concepts, the nature of social research and application of social theories.

The HSC course involves a deeper exploration of continuities and changes within different societies and cultures over time. Specific topics studied include: Belief Systems and Popular Culture in addition to the completion of the Personal Interest Project.