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NBSC Freshwater Senior Campus

NBSC Freshwater Senior Campus

The senior campus of the Northern Beaches Secondary College

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The Freshwater Senior Campus (FSC) is one of five campuses in the Northern Beaches Secondary College (NBSC). Unlike any other multi-campus college in New South Wales, each campus in the NBSC has a Stage 6 (Years 11 and 12) cohort. Students from the other four campuses have the option of completing their senior studies at their existing campus or enrolling in FSC. 

Enrolments remained stable over the last few years. The school’s total enrolment is 630, with students coming from 36 different schools. Some of these students studied courses at other College campuses and TAFE. International students represent only a small proportion of total enrolments. 

The Campus provides students with the widest possible curriculum choices including a comprehensive range of academically challenging HSC subjects and an extensive range of TAFE courses. Students can select from over 80 courses. 

Our student leadership program allows students to take on a wide range of responsibilities that both develop individual leadership skills and support campus initiatives. 

Facilities at the Campus are spectacular. They include general learning spaces encompassing seminar and break-out rooms adapted to meet the needs of senior students. A 250 seat Performance Theatre, national standard gymnasium and a music centre with adjoining practice rooms position us with opportunities to provide a breadth of quality learning experiences for our students. 

Special features of the campus curriculum include the provision of a Welfare Program structured around a timetabled Student Mentoring Program involving all students. 

Our students enjoy the opportunity to learn in an uncomplicated environment where the level of trust developed with their teachers encourages them to take more responsibility for their learning.

“Freedom to Learn”, our school motto, really does encapsulate the spirit within the school and the students readiness to prosper in an environment of high expectations. The value-added data shows the strong growth that our students demonstrate in their two years at the campus.