NBSC Freshwater Senior Campus

The senior campus of the Northern Beaches Secondary College

Telephone02 9905 2634


Our staff

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Staff organisation for 2024

Principal - Chantelle Phair


Deputy Principals -

Chris Mortimer 

Cathy Moran 

Darren Percy


Year 12 Advisers

Connie Orehov                                                 A  -  G

Alison Roberts                                                  H  -  M

David Watkinson                                              N  -  Z

Year 12 Leadership Team Coordinator - Fraser Toohey


Year 11 Advisers - 

Eliza-Jane Ellis                                                    A  -  F

Jonathan Whitehouse                                       G  -  P

Nicole Robb                                                        Q  -  Z


Head Teachers

English - Cassandra Kennedy

Math - Simon Boon

Science - Helen Churchill

HSIE - Renee Delaney (Rel.)

CAPA - Sandra Svilans

TAS - Leanne Turner

Wellbeing - Sue Saunders

Teaching and Learning - Tyler Burn


Counsellors  -

Natalie Shamir (Mon and Thur)

Susanna Rebbeck (Tues and Wed)

Caroline Powell (Fri)

Emma Sue San


Careers Advisers  - 

Melissa Penrose (Wed/Thurs/Fri)

Annika Williams (Mon/Tues)


Learning Enrichment 

Marie-Anne Sykes (Mon, Tue, Wed)

Pat Moran  (Thurs and Fri)

Superviser of Female Students - Barbara Leonard