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Engineering Studies

Preliminary Course

Engineers form an important part of society. Their work ranges from design to implementation, from individual work in a lab to managing teams of workers, technicians or other engineers in outdoor locations. They are problem solvers, lateral thinkers, communicators, mathematicians, leaders and much more.

This course is a challenging yet fascinating subject which will be very interesting for a student with the right mindset: ready to apply themselves and learn in a safe and fun environment. The skills and knowledge acquired in this course have helped past students perform at their best in their first year of engineering at university.

The Preliminary course focuses on 4 modules in Year 11: Engineering Fundamentals 

  • Engineered Products
  • Braking Systems 
  • Biomedical Engineering

HSC Course 

The HSC  course focuses on 4 modules in Year 12: 

  • Civil structure
  • Personal and public transport
  • Aeronautics 
  • Telecommunications.

In each module we focus on: the influence of engineering on society, the history of engineering, mechanics, materials, communication and electricity and electronics (if applicable).

This course is highly academic and combines theory and applied exercises with some practical work which is generally associated with assessment tasks:

  • 2 weeks of constructing motors and deconstructing various engineered products in Year 11
  • designing and building bridges in Year 12.

If you have an interest in engineering or want to find out if you should dedicate the next 4 or 5 years of your life to a course at university, are ready to apply yourself, and have a scientific mindset, then this course is for you!