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Food Technology

Preliminary Course

In the Preliminary course the factors that influence food availability and selection are investigated and their relationship to current food consumption patterns in Australia highlighted. The safe handling of food is addressed with emphasis on the management of the functional properties of food to produce products with appropriate sensory qualities. The links between nutrition and the health status of individuals and Australians is also examined and its relationship to the social and economic future of Australia is explored.

HSC Course

In the HSC course the nature of the broad Australian food industry is studied. Production and processing practices that take place in the manufacture of food are examined and their impact evaluated. Focus is then directed to the nature of food products within the Australian food industry and the processes applied in their development. Contemporary nutrition issues are raised, investigated and debated. This knowledge enables students to make informed decisions regarding changes in food production, emerging technologies and future developments in the food industry.

Students focus on skills such as the ability to research, analyse, communicate, experiment with and prepare food as well as design, implement and evaluate solutions to a range of food situations.

The knowledge, skills and attitudes gained during food technology will have relevance to and benefits for students vocational and life experiences.