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The senior campus of the Northern Beaches Secondary College

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The dance department at Freshwater Senior Campus fosters an understanding of and appreciation for the value of dance as an artform. Through the study of dance as an artform, students learn the skills of dance, to perform and create dances, to critically analyse, respond, enjoy and make discerning judgments about dance.

Innovative teaching practices focus on programs targeting individual achievement, problem based learning, collaborative learning and integrate the use of technology through the use of directed teaching providing a framework for students to develop and refine their personal and group skills in making, performing and critically studying components of the course.

Dance is a rigorous, theoretical and practical subject that includesthe study of three interrelated components; performance, composition and appreciation. Equal emphasis is placed on the processes of experience and end products of each component with theory being an important supportive device.

Study within performance is focussed upon a developing an understanding of movement principles, physiology of the body and stylised techniques within a generic ballet/ contemporary fused style.

Study within composition is focussed upon developing an understanding of how to create personalised, abstract movement and construct a dance that communicates meaning, using knowledge, understanding and skills which underpin the theories, principles, processes and practices of dance composition. The students are encouraged to create and develop a personal response that communicates intent.

Study within appreciation includes the study of seminal artists and works for their contribution to the development of dance.

The dance department at Freshwater Senior Campus also fosters an appreciation for dance by having a rigorous extra curricular program including preparation for and performance in local eisteddfods, regional and state dance festivals and companies and Schools Spectacular.