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Legal Studies

Legal Studies focuses on exploring the nature and role of the law in promoting a just and fair society.  

Using contemporary examples, critical thinking skills are developed through examination of the legal system, court processes and notions of justice using domestic and global case studies. 

A wide range of issues are studied during Year 11 and Year 12 including: 

  • criminal and civil law systems  
  • juvenile justice  
  • discrimination
  • international law and operation of the United Nations and international courts 

Year 11 Course 

Students develop fundamental knowledge about the operation of the law in society, with a particular focus on the operation of our court system, individual rights and responsibilities. 

Students also undertake a detailed study of the operation and effectiveness of international law and global issues.  

Year 12 Course 

The Year 12 course exposes students to a wide range and depth of knowledge across various aspects of the law. Topics studied:

  • Crime
  • Human Rights
  • Global Environmental Law
  • Consumer Law

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