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Modern History

Modern History involves the study of how individuals and groups have shaped the modern world through examining a wide range of sources relating to events including revolutions, the rise of dictatorships and influential leaders and the rise in individual rights movements across our globe. 

Studies in Modern History will enable students to consider the changing nature of war, issues of recruitment, conscription, censorship and propaganda.

Year 11 Course 

Students are able to explore issues related to the causes and impacts of modern conflict, including WWI, the Decline and Fall of the Imperial Russian Romanov Dynasty. 

In year 11, students complete a personal Historical Investigation. This presents an exciting opportunity to improve research and interpretation skills and develop a passion for a chosen aspect of our history. 

Year 12 Course 

The Core Study for all students is Power and Authority in the Modern World between 1919-1946. 

Students also study aspects of the American civil rights movement, and complete a National Study of Russia and explore conflicts in the Middle East.  

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