NBSC Freshwater Senior Campus

The senior campus of the Northern Beaches Secondary College

Telephone02 9905 2634



The Library at Freshwater is centrally located on Level 3. The Library promotes independent learning and growth, through a supportive staff and a safe and inviting learning space created to meet student interests and needs. The Library is equipped with:

  • comprehensive computer network available for students’ research and study during both breaks and lessons. The library also has computers with access to printing facilities.
  • Fiction: includes new and exciting novels, engaging and useful picture book and relevant graphic novels
  • Magazines : relevant to the needs of students
  • Non-fiction: includes Reference material, dictionaries, atlases, past HSC exam papers and subject/topic specific texts for specific Preliminary and HSC topics.

The library and its staff endeavour at all times to assist both students and teachers in their efforts to achieve a more efficient access to the best resources available on the Northern Beaches.

What your Librarian can do for you:

  • Provide assistance with research (this has many facets).
  • Provide help with essay writing e.g. exposition text type.
  • Provide hints on time management and study skills.
  • Provide ‘How To...’ guides e.g. write a bibliography, in-text reference, note taking.
  • Provide resource lists for Preliminary & HSC.
  • Provide support with suggestions on good fiction and non-fiction reading.

Catalogue (OLIVER)
Our computer catalogue is a Department of Education program called OLIVER, which is easy to use.  Assistance with using the catalogue is readily available from library staff. Students can access the library search terminal from their portal and can read those of other libraries within the College; this gives students an even greater choice in reading and research material.

All books/magazines, except Reference books, may be borrowed by students. Students are to show their ID cards for all borrowing. Students are not permitted to borrow for others.

  • Year 11 - 12 students may borrow 6 items (either fiction or non-fiction) at any one time. This does not include their needed classroom texts/textbooks.
  • Loan period:  2 weeks only
  • Overdue items:  Students are reminded, via their emails, to return overdue items. These students will lose borrowing privileges until the overdue items are returned.  Lost items:  If a student loses a book, its replacement must be paid for. 

Students are expected to be reading or working when in the Library. Students are encouraged to keep noise to a minimum, in consideration of others, who may be quietly studying. No food or drink is to be inside the Library.

The library is open extended hours every day and either the Librarian or a teacher is available to the students. The members of the Learning Enrichment team are also available during some periods throughout the day to work and support students in the library.

Library Hours             

  • Monday         8am to 5.30pm
  • Tuesday        8am to 5.30pm
  • Wednesday   8am to 5.30pm
  • Thursday       8am to 5.30pm
  • Friday            8am to 5.30pm