NBSC Freshwater Senior Campus

The senior campus of the Northern Beaches Secondary College

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Suitable students are normally considering tertiary studies in fields such as science, science education, engineering, medicine, architecture, physiotherapy or any other areas requiring logical thought and considerable mathematical talent. A minimum of 2 units of Mathematics Advanced is required.

The new (as of 2017) Physics course currently in place is designed to equip students for tertiary studies and has a much more theoretical basis than its predecessor. It is thus necessary to be able to manipulate information and data and to express it graphically and numerically. 

The course modules are as follows:

Year 11

Module 1 - Kinematics

Module 2 - Dynamics

Module 3 - Waves and Thermodynamics

Module 4 - Electricity and Magnetism


Year 12

Module 5 - Advanced Mechanics

Module 6 - Electromagnetism

Module 7 - The Nature of Light

Module 8 - From the Universe to the Atom


The Year 12 HSC course builds on required knowledge from the Year 11 Course. For more information click here.