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Industrial Technology Multimedia Technologies


Industrial Technology Multimedia at Freshwater Senior Campus is a balance of creativity, design and digital media. Our vision for our students is that they will be conceptually and technically equipped to tell powerful stories through photography, film and animation.

Preliminary Course

As a Preliminary Multimedia student, you will be provided with the opportunity to explore a variety of concepts/themes and to creatively express your ideas and story through photography, film and animation (2D and 3D) utilising a range of Adobe Creative Cloud toolsThe Preliminary year is designed to cater for all students (no prior experience is required) and thus has been structured to provide all students with the necessary foundational skills to further explore in their HSC year. There is also a strong theory component which involves: documenting production through a folio format and researching about the multimedia Industries. 

HSC Course

As a HSC multimedia student, you will be provided with much greater freedom and flexibility to explore your own interests and passions as you embark on the Major Project. The HSC major project is a year-long project which showcases your conceptual and technical ability to create media production which addresses a chosen topic/theme/problem. This can be and not limited to a combination of forms including: photography, film, animation, graphic design, web design, app design, desktop publishing, social media design, virtual reality, augmented reality and more. There will also be a HSC written exam which will focus on multimedia elements, intellectual property and the industry (visit to Adobe Sydney Office).



  • Zoe Fraser's project "My Gift" was selected for 2020 SHAPE Exhibition held at the PowerHouse Museum. She also won the 2020 Focus on Ability Short Film Festival - Nova Employment Choice Award and Best Director Award. Zoe took home a brand new Kia Cerato and an industry mentorship as part of her grand prize. She is currently studying at AFTRS in the Bachelor of Arts Screen Production.
  • Amy O'Toole's project "Heroes of Tomorrow" was selected for 2020 SHAPE Exhibition held at the PowerHouse Museum. Amy is currently studying Concept Art at Design Centre Enmore. 
  • Andrew Land's project "Iris" won the 2020 Billy Blue College of Design - Bright Awards in the animation category. He won $1000 cash and also $3000 for the school as part of his grand prize. Andrew is currently studying 3D Animation & VFX for Film at AIE. 
  • Kiera D'Arcy's project "To All That Scape" won the Perfect Light Film Festival - Emerging Filmmaker award. Kiera won $500 cash and is currently studying at AFTRS in the Bachelor of Arts Screen Production.
  • 10 InTech Nominations and selections (Sam Casper, Kiera D’Arcy, Carwyn Davies, Oscar Dewis, Jasmine Dixon, Zoe Fraser, Samantha Hoefnagels, Andrew Land, Geoffrey O’Neill, Amy O’Toole, Mikala Stonell and Ruby-ose Uadiale).

  • Lily McElligott's project "An Alternate Road" was selected for 2019 SHAPE Exhibition held at the PowerHouse Museum. She also won the 2019 Powerhouse Shape Award out of 10 000 students from across Industrial Technology, Design and Technology and Textiles and Design.
  • 5 InTech Nominations (Nathaniel Dunwell, Jack Fairclough, Jemma Hanrahan, Lily McElligott and Max Tester).

  • Jordan Land's project "The Human Animal" was shared by global thought leader, Simon Sinek and has gathered over 60k views on YouTube til date, making it the most viewed HSC Multimedia Major Project on YouTube. It also won RUOK Best Emerging Film at the Perfect Light Film Festival.
  • 4 InTech Nominations (Finn Ashton, Levi Kaye, Jordan Land, and Lachlan Ruser).

  • Ben Douneen was selected for the 2017 SHAPE Exihibition held at the Powerhouse Museum.
  • 3 InTech Nominations (Ben Douneen, Jackson Kidd and Gemma Moran).

  • Monique Miller was 1st in NSW for Industrial Technology
  • 2 InTech Nominations (Monique Miller and Ben Pope).

Fresh Media YouTube Channel

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