NBSC Freshwater Senior Campus

The senior campus of the Northern Beaches Secondary College

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The study of geography involves analysis of physical and human geographical processes.

Using case studies and contemporary examples within Australia and internationally, students are given opportunities to investigate changing nature of natural and man-made environments.

A wide range of issues are studied including population growth, migration, development, resource management, biophysical interactions and the need for sustainable approaches to environment management into the future.

Fieldwork is a key element of Senior geography at Freshwater Senior Campus. During Year 11 and 12, students will have numerous opportunities to participate in authentic learning experiences outside the classroom. Opportunities for fieldwork complement student's theoretical understanding of geographical processes and develop practical skills in problem solving and emphasise the relevance of geographical study. 

The Preliminary course focuses on developing understanding of key geographical concepts and skills geographical interpretation. Focus is placed on analysis of biophysical interactions and global environmental challenges.

The HSC course involves a deeper exploration of biophysical and human geographic issues supported through case studies including: The Great Barrier Reef, the global wine industry and the relationship between the developed and the developing world.