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German beginners


The aim of the German beginners Stage 6 syllabus is to enable students to develop language skills and this is achieved through interacting, understanding and producing texts that display:

  • skills in effective communication
  • knowledge of the nature of language
  • understanding of the interdependence of language and culture

Course structure

The Preliminary Course (120 indicative hours)

In the Preliminary Course, the topics below provide contexts in which students develop their communication skills in German and their knowledge and understanding of language and culture.

The HSC Course (120 indicative hours)

In the HSC course, students extend and refine their communication skills in German in contexts defined by topics, and gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of language and culture.


The prescribed topics are studied from two interdependent perspectives: the personal world and German-speaking communities, in areas such as:

  • family life, home and neighbourhood
  • people, places and communities
  • education and work
  • friends, recreation and pastimes
  • holidays, travel and tourism
  • future plans and aspirations

This 2 unit course takes students to quite a proficient level.  They can enter University courses and a variety of career paths. The teacher is highly experienced in this subject as an HSC examiner, marker and judge.

Students of German have travelled to Austria on several occasions for a homestay immersion experience in Kremsmunster (upper Austria), near Salzburg.  The opportunity to travel to countries such as Austria, clearly further enhances language skills and gives students the opportunity to interact meaningfully using the target language with their host students and families.

A popular excursion annually for all students of German is to the Lowenbrau Keller Restaurant in The Rocks, where they can engage themselves in a linguistic and cultural "authentic" German experience.