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Enterprise Computing

Preliminary course (Year 11)

The Year 11 course provides students with the opportunity to develop and apply an understanding of enterprise computing systems in the safe and secure usage and storage of data. This is done by manipulating tools and resources while being aware of their social, ethical and legal implications.  The topics we'll cover in Yr11 include:

  • Interactive media and the user experience : investigating the unbiquity of interactive media, using software to create assets, creating an interactive media system
  • Networking systems and social computing : human-centric computing, enterpise storage and worflows, network architecture and infrastructure
  • Principles of cybersecurity

HSC course (Yr12)

The Year 12 course provides students with the opportunity to extend their knowledge and understanding of enterprise computing systems. This will then be applied to the development of a major enterprise project using project management skills.  The topics we'll cover in Yr12 include:

  • Data science : collecting, storing, processing & analysing data
  • Data visualisation : telling a story, interpreting, using and creating data visualisation
  • Intelligent systems : applications of intelligent systems, data in intelligent systems, creating intelligent systems
  • Enterprise project :  identifying, researching, producing, testing

You will need to install some application and server software on your laptop for this course including media creation software, database engine and web server software.

Note: this course replaces the old Information Processes and Technology course (IPT) but covers a broader range of content, techniques and technologies at a more demanding academic level.