NBSC Freshwater Senior Campus

The senior campus of the Northern Beaches Secondary College

Telephone02 9905 2634


Wellbeing Team

Wellbeing Team organisation for 2021

Deputy Principals -

Darren Percy (Year 12)

Christopher Mortimer (Year 11),


Year 12 Advisers -  

Karuna Chetty                                                    A  -  F

Gregory Edwards                                               G  -  N

Rebecca Stock                                                    O  -  Z

Year 12 Leadership Team Coordinator - Jana Tsolakis


Year 11 Advisers - 

Lucy Colman                                                      A  -  G

Alison Roberts                                                   H  -  O

David Watkinson                                                P  -  Z


Head Teacher Wellbeing - Cathy Moran

Head Teacher Secondary Studies - Jasmin Chowdhury

Counsellor  -  Noelene Cox (Tuesday-Thursday) 

Careers Advisers  -  Glenn Bennett (Monday, Tuesday) and Melissa Penrose (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

Learning Enrichment Coordinator – Marie-Anne Sykes

Superviser of Female Students - Barbara Leonard

Anti-racism Contact Officer - Rebecca Stock