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Visual Arts

In the Preliminary course students experience a diverse range of art making genres, materials and techniques. Initially the focus is on explorative and experimental investigations to broaden students' understanding of the scope of the subject. Later experiences are structured with an emphasis on the refinement of imagery and the communication of concepts through artworks as preparation for the demands of the HSC course.

A mandatory component of stage 6 Visual Arts is the study of artists and their works. In the Preliminary course students' study of art is oriented from the core course components. Literacy is explicitly addressed through the integration of ALARM (A Learning And Responding Matrix). Students are taught course material and writing skills through the explicit scaffolding and modelling of short and extended responses.

 In Year 12 the visual arts course involves the study of artists and their work and the production of a Body of Work within a nominated expressive form. These forms include a range of traditional and contemporary media the most popular being painting, drawing, time based works, photomedia and graphic design. Students are encouraged to select a course of study which considers their prior experiences and strengths. The production of the Body of Work is facilitated through a studio based approach to teaching and learning. Students work individually and consult regularly with their teacher.  Students exhibit their completed Body of Work in a formal and public exhibition at the beginning of Term 3.

The Year 12 theoretical component builds on the literacy strategies and course material explored in Year 11. Students continue to refine their capacity to interpret artists' works and generate written accounts about art. Emphasis is placed on students producing reasoned and supported analytical written responses. These strategies are embedded within the delivery of the BOSTES mandated five case studies.