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Sports at Freshwater Senior Campus

As NBSC Freshwater Senior Campus is a Stage 6 school (Years 11 and 12), sport is not part of the curriculum, however, we do encourage all students to get involved in the different avenues of sport within the school. 

Sports Coordinator:

For any enquiries regarding knock out teams, carnivals or Sydney North trials please contact:

Miss Shannon Cooper

E – Shannon.cooper11@det.nsw.edu.au

P – 9905 2634 


NSWCHS Knock Out teams

NBSC Freshwater Senior Campus does have a number or sporting teams on offer for students to participate in.  All trials occur within the first few weeks of Term 1.  Majority of Round 1 games will need to be played by mid Term 1. 

The nature of the knock out competition is elimination style, once a school loses, they re knocked out of the competition and will not play again for that year.


NBSC FSC School knock out teams 2020:

  • Touch—Boys and girls
  • Football (Soccer) - Boys and girls
  • Volleyball—Girls
  •  Basketball—Boys and girls
  • Netball—Girls
  • Waterpolo—Girls

*Please note these are subject to change due to expression of interest from students in previous years.


NBSC knock out teams for 2020:

**These teams are available to ALL students within the Northern Beaches Secondary College

  • Hockey—Boys and Girls
  • Basketball—Girls
  • Netball—Girls
  • Softball—Girls
  • Baseball—Boys

* Please note that school teams take priority over NBSC teams IF there is a team entered by the school and the College.  If a student does not qualify for a school team they are encourages to trial for the NBSC team.

Sport Carnivals


The swimming carnival is held early Term 1 and is designed for 'competitors only' however, open to all students.  It is held at Manly Swim Centre (half day) and provides an opportunity for students to represent Freshwater Senior Campus at Warringah Zone and potentially Sydney North, CHS and All Schools.


The athletics carnival is held at the beginning of Term 2 and is 'whole school' providing a great opportunity to bring Year 11 and Year 12 together.  Students compete for their 'year group' to win points and potentially win the 'bird'.  Students that place will represent Freshwater Senior Campus at Warringah Zone and potentially Sydney North, CHS and All Schools.

Cross Country

Selection into Zone Cross Country is based on interest.  Freshwater Senior Campus does not run a cross country carnival, and students wishing to represent the school at Warringah Zone will register their interest to do so.

Sydney North trials

All representative level students are encouraged to trial for  Sydney North representative teams.  If successful, students will    complete at NSWCHS tournament level and have the opportunity to be selected in NSW and even National teams. 

Trials occur throughout the year with the majority taking place in Term 1 and Term 2.

 Dates are advertised via:

  • Sports notice board (opp the staffroom)
  • Fortnightly assemblies
  • Sydney North calendar (on the Sports notice board).

Further information can be found at: https://app.education.nsw.gov.au/sport/SydneyNorth




  • Sydney North Blues: 2 students awarded Sydney North Blues awards; Caitlin Hickey (touch football) and Lily McElligott (cross country).  Along with this, the school had 5 students receive Sydney North Blue Endorsement
  • Surfing: FSC tag team won the Sydney Surf Pro tag event at Manly Beach, with the boys team placing second


  • Boys open Football team – won the NSWCHS Puma Cup Boys Knock Out competition defeating Merewether High School 1-0
  • Girls open Waterpolo team – won the NSWCHS waterpolo tournament up in Newcastle defeating Kirawee High School 8-3
  • Girls open 4x50m freestyle relay – placed first in the NSWCHS swimming
  • 6 Freshwater Senior Campus students – who were part of Australian sporting teams championships; Harry McCarthy (football) , Sienna Hearn (waterpolo), Lexi Pickering (Hockey), Mia Geros (softball) , Katie Economos (volleyball), Josh Beezley (baseball)
  • NSWCHS Blues: 3 students awarded NSWCHS Blues awards; Harry McCarthy (football), Lily McElligott (cross country) and Mya Geros (softball)
  • Sydney North Blues: 6 students awarded Sydney North Blues awards; Macy Carrothers (touch football), Sienna Hearne (waterpolo), Lexi Pickering (Hockey), Levi Kaye (football), Harry McCarthy (football) and Jenna Trim (Softball)