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The senior campus of the Northern Beaches Secondary College

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Human Society and Its Environment

HSIE Faculty

Human Society and Its Environment (HSIE) Faculty

At Freshwater Senior Campus, we are excited to offer a wide variety of Stage 6 HSIE courses.

In Human Society and its Environment (HSIE), students can explore and develop their understanding of current affairs, contemporary issues and the relevance of historical trends and events which contribute to our past, present and future society.

As future business entrepreneurs, lawyers, historians and most importantly informed global citizens, our students consider the complex and changing social, economic, political and geographical world and develop skills in critical thinking, debate and analysis to reach judgements. 

The range of courses offered at Freshwater Senior Campus include:  

All courses are worth 2 units of study towards the HSC.

Through the study of these courses, students will engage in a diverse range of learning activities including research, project-based learning, and written analysis. 

Skills learnt through the study of these courses will provide students with a strong foundation for further tertiary level study across many disciplines.