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NBSC Freshwater Senior Campus

The senior campus of the Northern Beaches Secondary College

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Get Connected

Usernames and Passwords

At Freshwater we have our own school network that connects to the DET’s network.  This affects the logins you need to use for different services.

When you start at the school you will be given a Freshwater username and login.  You will also be able to check your DOE username, and if required reset the password. 

In the first week of Term 1, we run ‘Getting Connected’ sessions, where usernames are provided.  We also walk through the steps to use the school machines and BYOD devices. This session also covers access to the student portal, email and other common systems.

After these sessions, you will be able to use your Freshwater network login to access the school WiFi & school PCs and use your DOE login to access DOE services and the internet.

Get your device connected to the campus wireless network...

To use the school’s WiFi network, there are just 2 things you need to do:

1.   Connect to the FWSC – School WiFi network on your laptop using your FSC username and password

2.   Turn on automatic proxy discovery*
Your computer might say you’re connected, but won’t let you see a web page until you configure the internet proxy settings.  The ‘automatic’ setting is the best if available

*Windows 10 machines normally connect without needing to make any changes to proxy settings.
*For Apple devices, you normally need to turn on automatic proxy discovery.  To do this go into advanced WiFi settings / Proxies and select the option ‘Auto proxy discovery’