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Software Design & Development

For people who like making stuff happen algorithmically!

Software design and development is a creative course in programming practice. It covers a variety of content around the art and science of programming including how to program in a few different languages and the implications of different programming methodologies.  The main thread of content weaves its way around the software development life cycle, but students also consider different approaches to developing software, the hardware and software required to support programs and the social and ethical implications related to the work of a programmer.


Preliminary Course

In Year 11, students usually learn Python and Processing through a range of individual and small group activities. There is a mix of projects and practical work in at least two different languages and this is balanced with a theoretical look at the practice of programming. 


HSC Course

Year 12 gives students the chance to 'spread their programming wings' by undertaking the consultation, design and implementation of a software project of their own choice in a supported environment.  Students can expect to develop a broad range of programming skills, deepen their skills in using a range of complex data structures and learn about different practices of programming as well as the computer's view of your programs.