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Information Processes and Technology

Preliminary Course

Information Processes and Technology (IPT) is a subject that deals with information-based systems and project management to create interconnected digital systems. At Freshwater Senior campus this subject is broken into a series of small projects, ensuring that the subject is taught in a practical manner, however the theoretical underpinnings of the course require good written skills.

You will learn about the information processes performed by these systems and the information technology that allows them to take place. Social, ethical and non-computer procedures resulting from the processes are considered. Through project work, students will create their own information system to meet an identified need.

In Year 11 you will study multimedia systems, communication systems, databases and spreadsheets. Along the way you will pick up many general computing concepts as well as project management skills. This subject will complement many of your other subjects, giving you many skills that you can take away into life beyond school.


HSC Course

In Year 12, there are 5 topics:

  • Information Systems and Databases (20%)
  • Communication Systems (20%)
  • Project Management (20%)

Option strands (40%)

  • Decision Support Systems and
  • Multimedia Systems.

Teachers at Freshwater Senior Campus are highly experienced in this subject and have been HSC markers, so will prepare students well for the HSC.